Congratulations! You’re done with your medical school interview. Now, don’t make these common mistakes when sending a thank you note:

1. Using colors or emoticons. Keep is clean and professional.

2. Attaching your personal statement, secondary essay or any other material that was already shared with the school.

3. Saying this Medical School is your first choice when it isn’t.

4. Sending the same email to multiple interviewers – this is offending to the students and staff members who spent their time with you.

5. Repeating stories that you have mentioned in the interview  -they’ve already heard it, don’t waste their time.

6. Writing a very long email and including additional information about your profile, from marathon running to learning French – you’ve had your chance to present your profile, now it’s time to wait.

Remember that the note will probably not have an impact on the final decision, but you don’t want to hurt your chances but sending a horrible one. You want to feel good and know that you’ve acted in a professional way.

Medical School Thank you Note

Medical School Thank you Note