The AMCAS activity section confuses a lot of applicants. They know they should enter research and student clubs but what about other activities like paid employment? Do these count as significant activities?

The answer is yes! Anything that shows your commitment and responsibility is worth including in the activities section. This section of the AACOMAS and AMCAS application allows the medical school admissions¬†committee¬†to get to know you as a person. Paid employment shows that you can keep a regular job and are skilled at something. If you’ve held this job for many years it can also show loyalty and perseverance. If you’ve been promoted to a managerial position this displays leadership.

What is my work experience is not health related? How will it impact my chances?

It doesn’t matter if this job was in the medical field or at a sporting goods store. From yoga instructor to technician for a biotech company employment can tell an admissions committee that you are not afraid of hard work, get along with others and have been able to juggle multiple demands on your time while studying. This is a part of your life, why leave it out?

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