You should write about activities that truly were most meaningful. AMCAS applications have spaces for many activities and this designation lets you draw the readers eye to those that make you unique. Activities with depth are those that had true impact on you, took dedication and usually span a length of time. They do not have to be medical. A few hours shadowing a physician does not take precedence over being the captain of the swim team or being first chair violinist in the orchestra. These activities show your many facets as a person and demonstrate how unique you are. Pick the ones that have the most depth and room to talk about your passion.


AnxiousFemalebymindingthecampusWhile it is possible for activities that took a short period of time to greatly impact you, in most cases the AMCAS most meaningful activities will have spanned a significant amount of time. Listing a one day activity, or an activity with very few hours, will make admission committee members wonder if you have dedication and commitment.


Many students forget to actually describe what their activity entailed and what their duties were. Remember, admissions committee members┬áhaven’t been with you all this time! They need you to tell them what your activity was and why exactly it is so meaningful to you. Express what you learned and how this will impact your practice of medicine. That is truly what makes these activities most meaningful.

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