Overview of BA/MD Programs

BA/MD programs are a great opportunity for dedicated high school juniors and seniors to secure not only a spot in college but also a guaranteed spot in medical school upon completion of undergraduate studies. Some of these programs have additional benefits like allowing you to take more humanities courses, skip organic chemistry and the MCAT or condense undergraduate training to 3 years. Each program is unique and has its own benefits, drawbacks and application.

Maturity and Commitment Are Key to BA/MD Admissions

What is universal is that applicants must convince admissions personnel that despite their young age they are mature, committed and know what they are signing themselves up for. Since each BA/MD has its own application candidates can need to focus on ensuring they met the requirements at all places they wish to apply. It is also important to consider each program and the associated medical school carefully as relinquishing your secured spot in order to apply to other schools is highly frowned upon and can affect your admissions chances at other programs. You must be committed to that particular medical school and know that it will still suit your needs and make you happy when you complete your undergraduate education in four years.

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Creating Your Best BA/MD Application (And Getting Accepted!)

Admit2Med can help you make this decision and package your application for specific programs. Our editing services will help make your personal statement shine and reflect a mature, thought out personality. Our mock interview services will help you become polished and professional even if you have not had any experience in professional settings before. Most importantly we can guide you through the process including school selection and deciding if this is the right path for you.

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Parents of Aspiring Medical Students

Parents – you are a crucial part of this process. Admit2Med realizes that when it comes to BA/MD admissions parents often have to play a larger role than when it comes to traditional post-college admissions. Yet we also know that programs are wary of students who appear to be pushed into this choice by their parents. You have a fine line to walk and we are here to help! Many parents like to purchase one of our one-hour strategy sessions for themselves, to understand the process and what their role is.

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