1012, 2014

Testimonial: Admitted to Sydney Medical School

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There’s nothing we like better than hearing from our students that they did well and that we were able to guide them in the process. Here’s one email that made […]

3110, 2014

6 Common Mistakes in Medical School Interview Thank you Notes

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Congratulations! You’re done with your medical school interview. Now, don’t make these common mistakes when sending a thank you note:

1. Using colors or emoticons. Keep is clean and professional.

2. Attaching your […]

1507, 2014

Canadian Students Applying to US Medical Schools

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Canadians Applying to Med School as International Students
Applying to medical schools in the US is a highly competitive process for domestic students, and even more so for international students. Many […]

1407, 2014

Medical School Milestones

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The medical school experience includes many medical school milestones that you must pass on your way to becoming a Dr. While some are necessary for graduating medical school others are […]

3006, 2014

Medical School Curricula

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While most medical schools have fairly similar curricula there are large differences in how medical school curricula are taught. When evaluating a school to decide if it is right for […]