2204, 2015

AMCAS Most Meaningful Experiences

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You should write about activities that truly were most meaningful. AMCAS applications have spaces for many activities and this designation lets you draw the readers eye to those that make […]

1604, 2015

Should I reveal a previous medical school acceptance on AMCAS?

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Medical school applicants that have received an M.D. acceptance and rejected it in a previous cycle run the risk of schools viewing their commitment to medicine as weak. Therefore many […]

2001, 2015

MD-PhD Admissions vs. MD Admissions

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MD-PhD admissions differ from MD admissions in several crucial ways. Recognizing these differences will help you decide if MD-PhD is the route for you to enter medical school.

Focus on Research

While […]

2105, 2013

How Retaking the MCAT Will Affect Your AMCAS Application

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If you have taken the MCAT twice or are planning on retaking the exam, you should know how this will affect your ACMAS application. All MCAT scores are always reported […]

2204, 2013

Four Mistakes to Avoid on Your Medical School Application

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Starting Too Late
If you can get your act together and submit your medical school application in the summer, you will increase your chances. With the increased competition in this process, […]