1001, 2015

Medical School Letter of Recommendation Requirements

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Every medical school has its own letter of recommendation requirements. It is essential that you are prepared to meet these requirements – otherwise a school will simply refuse to consider […]

1002, 2014

Letter of Recommendation for Medical School

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The Letter of recommendation for medical school is a key part of the medical school application that many applicants fail to appreciate. Between studying for your MCAT, participating in diverse […]

1504, 2013

When to ask for medical school recommendation letters?

By |April 15th, 2013|Letters of Recommendation|2 Comments

Timing is crucial when it comes to applications, including when to ask for medical school recommendation letters. You should be thinking about this even before your application year, as you want to […]

103, 2013

How to turn a medical school waitlist into an acceptance

By |March 1st, 2013|Letters of Recommendation, waitlist|6 Comments

Being waitlisted at a medical school is often compared to being in limbo and most applicants would give anything to turn a medical school waitlist into an acceptance. The good […]

209, 2012

Tips for obtaining good letters of reccomendation

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Letters of recommendation (LORs) can really help your application move from the good pile to the great pile. A typical letter will state that you took Professor X’s class and […]