2410, 2013

Interview Report: UMDNJ NJMS

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UMDNJ New Jersey Medical School is located in Newark and interviews are held on their campus. When you approach the building you will go through security and receive an informational […]

1410, 2013

What NOT to Say in your Medical School Thank-You Notes

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So you’re finally done with your medical school interview. Wow! You’ve had so much stress so far  (organic chemistry, the MCAT, the personal statement, etc.) and you’re ready to release some […]

910, 2013

Canadian Medical Schools that use MMI

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If you are applying to Medical Schools in Canada, you should get ready to tackle the Multiple Mini Interview format. Out of 17 Medical Schools in Canada, 13 programs are […]

910, 2013

US Medical Schools that use the Multiple Mini Interview

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We went over the entire list of MD programs in the US to identify the ones that use Multiple Mini Interview, so you don’t have to. Here’s the complete list, […]

1608, 2013

The Most Common Osteopathic Medical School Interview Question

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There is one question that is guaranteed to be asked at every osteopathic medical school interview.  This common question is also crucial to ensuring you gain admission to an osteopathic […]