Do you offer a free evaluation?

Yes, we offer a free evaluation of your profile. Send a summary of your profile and any specific concerns you may have to and we will get back to you.

How many hours will it take us to complete the personal statement?

This really depends on where you are in the process. Most applicants spend 1-3 hours on brainstorming, collecting ideas and structuring their essay(s). Once there is a rough draft of the essay, it could take 1 to 5 hours to finalize and ensure this is your best possible personal statement.

What is your turnaround time for editing?

We promise to send back your essays with our edits within 2 business day. Of course, we are also available via email and usually respond within 24 hours. We also offer rush and weekend services with 24 hours turnaround time.

What happens if editing my essays takes less time than the hours in my package?

You can use the extra hours towards editing your secondary essays, a mock interview session, writing letters of intent or anything else that you need help with as part of the application process.

What tools are you using to edit my documents?

We usually use Microsoft office to edit your document. We will use track changes and notes to add our feedback.

Can I talk with you over the phone or meet you in person?

Sure. Once we start working together, we will schedule an initial phone consultation, to get to know you in person and figure out how to help you stand out in the application process.

Can you share sample essays and recommendation letters with me?

We protect our clients’ confidentiality and will never share files among applicants. We do believe there is a lot to be learned from other applicants, so we will anonymously share with you successful stories of candidates and how they were able to leverage their experience and situations. However we cannot show you the application material of others.

Can you write my personal statement or secondary essays?

While we will help you with the various aspects of writing a great essay, from brainstorming to structuring to editing, we will not write the essay for you. It’s in your best interest to write the essay using your own voice and style, to make sure your personality and persona is reflected via the personal statement.



I’m an international student. What services do you offer for clients like me?

Applying to med-school as an international student can be overwhelming, as you not only need to understand the complexity of the application, you also have to be sensitive to the cultural norms and expectations of U.S. medical schools. We can help you with your essays, interview prep and identification of schools where an international applicant has a good chance of succeeding.

I’m in high-school and want to go into med school. Is it too early to contact you?

We have helped high-school students applying to BA/MD programs, as well as into regular pre-med programs. Talking to us now will help you figure out the various actions you can take in the next few years to create a strong profile and increase your admissions chances.

I didn’t take the MCAT, can you still help me?

Sure, the MCAT is just one piece of the Med school application. We can work with you on evaluating your profile and admissions chances given your academic and professional background. We will talk about the right time to take the MCAT and strategies to make sure you will be ready to submit your application as early as possible.



I’m not sure if I should go with the hourly fee or a package. What should I do?

You can get started with our hourly services, and upgrade to a package after the first or second working session if needed. We will update your balance accordingly.

How is payment done?

We receive payment via google wallet, a secure processing service that is provided by google. We do not store any financial information on our servers.

Do you offer payments in installments?

Yes, let us know what are your constraints and we’ll work together.