The George Washington University Medical School Secondary Application is now being released to applicants that have submitted their AMCAS. George Washington does not screen pre-secondary so they will be receiving many applications and you want to make sure yours stands out by having a polished secondary application.

Optional Questions:

Have you ever been convicted of, plead guilty, or plead no lo contendere (i.e., no contest, I do not wish to contend) to a criminal offense? Have you ever been arrested for a felony or misdemeanor? (if yes, 500 characters to explain)
Did you indicate that you were the recipient of any institutional action on your AMCAS application? (500 characters)

Only answer these questions if you meet the criteria. If you can leave these questions blank it is a good thing. No, parking tickets do not count.

Future Activities

For the 2013-2014 application cycle (Summer 2013 through Summer 2014), please indicate activities, academics, employment, or other occupations to account for full-time activity (approx. 30-40 hours per week) (750 characters)

They want to make sure you are not sitting on your sofa eating chips and watching TV during the application cycle. They also want to see that you are capable of handling applications and other activities at the same time. This is for future activities but it is possible that many will resemble your AMCAS activities if they are longitudinal experiences that will continue through the application cycle. You do not need to have a single activity that takes 30-40 hours, these hours can be met by a combination of activities. For instance if you spend 20 hours in a research lab, 15 hours volunteering at a homeless shelter and 10 hours taking academic courses 20+15+5=40 and you are fine. You don’t need to spell out exactly how many hours are spent on each activity but your description should make it clear what activity is full time and what is part time. Some applicants fill this out in bullet form.

Significant Achievement Outside the Classroom

What is your most significant achievement outside the classroom? (750 characters) 

This should be something that can be objectively viewed as significant. It is likely you will have all ready written about this on your AMCAS. In fact if something was your most significant achievement it would be strange if you had not spoken about it already. Use this space to expand on the activity and show more facets of what you achieved. Research and teaching are considered outside the classroom so long as the research was independent research and not guided experiments as part of a laboratory course for credit.


What makes you a unique individual? What challenges have you faced? How will these factors help you contribute to the diversity of the student body at GW? (1000 characters)

Think about yourself in comparison to other applicants. What makes you stand out? Do not worry if you are not form an ethnic minority. That is not what they mean by “contribute to the diversity of the student body”. They value unique talents, experiences and mindsets just as much as they value ethnic and racial diversity.

Why George Washington

What is your specific interest in the MD Program at GW? What opportunities would you take advantage of as a student here? Why? (2000 characters)

This question is the dread of all medical school hopefuls. It appears on a vast number of secondaries and you must tailor it to the specific school by looking up their educational and clinical policies and finding something that stands out as unique to you. Sure you can get a great education at any U.S. medical school but that’s not what they want to hear. They want to hear why you think George Washington Medical School is the best place for you. Since they use “GW” in their question you can probably justify doing so in your answer, but we advise against it unless you are desperate to save characters.

The Fee


The Deadline

January 1, but we recommend you get this done a lot sooner than that.

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