When you are on the waitlist for medical school sending an update letter or letter of intent is your main tool to try and get off the waitlist. Therefore many students agonize over when and where to send this letter. You want your medical school update letter to be received in a timely fashion by the admissions committee.

E-mail or snail mail?letter of intent

If you have an email address for the admissions office, this is by far the fastest and most efficient route to deliver your letter. Some schools will provide instructions on where to send updates, but if they do not, your best bet is to use the email that has been used by the admissions office to answer general queries and/or schedule interviews. You do not want to send snail mail to the Dean of admissions. There is no guarantee it makes it in a timely fashion, doesn’t get lost in the mailroom, or that this person is the right person to receive such a letter.

Should I Write my interviewers?

If you hit it off with your interviewers then it is appropriate to send them an update on your status and/or ask for advice. However this should be BRIEF and without any pressure. In addition you should not send your letter of intent or interest to the interviewer as they may not sit on the actual admissions committee. At many schools their job is to hand in a report, advocate for students and discus policy. They are usually not involved in deciding who gets off the waitlist. Therefore, they are not the person who should receive your letter of intent.

How do I send artwork or a video?

You don’t. Trying out of the box, creative ways to get in can backfire and seem desperate or stalker-like. Nobody wants to receive packages with artwork, video tapes, invitations to have coffee with you or scented letters. In fact, nobody wants to receive more than a few update letters. I know it is tough, but sometimes you really do just have to wait.

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