UMDNJ New Jersey Medical School is located in Newark and interviews are held on their campus. When you approach the building you will go through security and receive an informational packet from the admissions office. The applicants will have a little time to get to know each other and will then watch a short video presentation about the school. Interviewers would then drop by and pick up students for their interviews. This was really great because it meant you did not get lost wandering around with a map, as happens on many medical school interviews.

The Interview:

The interviews themselves were open file and not very stressful. In fact one of mine was very short and to the point. The interviewer actually said something about how my application looked good and she was sure I would be going to med school next year!

The admission office was very communicative, and they let us know the first date by which we can hope to hear from them. While we were waiting for our interviewers various students dropped by to chat and answer our questions. This was really nice and gave us a chance to get the scoop on the school. Two second years took us  on the tour, which included their dorm. One weird thing, was that when they showed us the anatomy lab they actually opened up one of the cadavers and took out the lungs. I thought this was a little inappropriate/disrespectful to the cadaver but the instructors did not seem to mind.

The students mentioned that you need to have a car since during first year some preceptorships are a half hour drive away. The overall neighborhood did not look like the nicest.safest place either and so having the car means you can drive straight to the locked parking garage and not be wandering around at night in the streets of Newark. There was a lot of early clinical exposure and the students were very happy about this.

Specific Questions:

Why did you choose your undergrad?

You got a really great MCAT score, did you take any prep courses?

Do you know what kind of medicine you want to practice?

Why medicine?

Tell me about your volunteering? What was the patient population like there?

Did you apply anywhere else?

You are form NY, any chance we can lure you to NJ?

Do you have any questions for me?


When I was there, the vast majority of interviewees were from New Jersey or New York. Applicants from the area might be interested to know that there is often a shuttle bus that takes you from the PATh station to the medical college.

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