Medical School interview season is now winding down. With most non-rolling schools preparing to hand out acceptances in March schools are ceasing to interview and focusing on wading through the applicants they have met and choosing their ideal class. Where does that leave you, the premed still hoping to gain that acceptance?

While this seems like a passive time it actually can be very active time for you. Students that have all ready been placed on wait-lists by rolling schools can send update letters to schools telling them about accomplishments that have happened post interview. Furthermore if you know you will attend a school  if accepted, you can send a letter of intent letting them know this. Exercise caution: letters of intent are serious, you can only send them to one school and you must commit to attending that school. For help in drafting these letters, Admit2Med’s hourly editing services or one-hour strategy session might be for you.

If you have not received an interview this season, it is time to start preparing your plans for next year. Start looking at research positions or clinical experiences that can boost your application NOW. Upon reapplication you need to explain to school why you are a better applicant this time around. Pinpointing your weaknesses this cycle and working on them can go a long way. Once again our one-hour strategy session can be really helpful in this situation.

Don’t fooled into thinking February/March is a slow season. It can be a very active season for you. Use this time to prepare and get ahead!