To send or not to send thank you notes? That is the question that premeds debate annually during interview season. Some are vociferous in their opinion that sending thank you notes is a basic human courtesy and you will get rejected if you fail to send the note. Others say it makes you look like a suck up. SO what’s an applicant to do?

At admit2med we have spoken to several faculty members who participate in medical school interviews and here’s what we learned from them: usually they evaluate you within a very short time space of your leaving their office. They likely would not expect to have received a thank you note in that time and feel like it generally does not affect their evaluation of medical school candidates. However if you formed a connection with a faculty member and felt like you enjoyed the conversation they would love to hear form you again and to keep the relationship. They may be able to help you if you get waitlisted. If you are a residency applicant they may be able ot put in a good word when time comes to submit match lists. Very few thought thank you notes were essential.

What does all that mean? If you forgot to send out thank you’s, don’t sweat it probably won’t affect your chances greatly.However if you can remember we would encourage you to send a brief note or email, touching on some highlights from your discussion. it is a polite thing to do and does occasionally help you get off a waitlist or establish a mentor relationship with a faculty member. It never hurts and can only help. Our vote? To send!