If you have applied to medical school this year for the second time, the interview phase is a critical one – it will determine whether you get into med school, or have to apply again (or consider other career tracks).

Preparing for the interview

If you interviewed last year and didn’t get offers, or didn’t interview last year, you need to be prepared this time. You don’t want interview day to be the first time you talk about why you want to be a physician and discuss an ethical dilemma or a memorable patient you have seen.

If you interviewed last year, something probably went wrong – maybe you had bad day, didn’t have chemistry with the interviewers, or just were not as prepared as you should have been.

Talk about your gap year

While you may have listed your activities in the gap year in your application, you are very likely to be asked about your current activities. This is the place to show that you are now a stronger candidate (if you are interviewing again at the same school), and that you’ve made progress in the last few months.

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