Medical school secondary essays start rolling in the moment the moment you submit your primary AMCAS, TMDSAS or AACOMAS application.  You might be tempted to Congratulate yourself on the exhausting AMCAS process and forget those secondaries. While you should give yourself a deserved pat on the back you should not ignore those secondaries. Your application will not be processed until you fill them out and every school has a secondary application, so they come fast and furious. You don’t want to fall behind.

For most students it is not lack of enthusiasm or skill that keeps them from completing their medical school secondary essays in a timely fashion, it’s lack of organization. With some applications containing three long essays and others asking for ten short ones it is easy to get confused and miss something. The best thing a student can do is to keep a detailed list including parts of the application, deadlines by which they must be received and dates of completion. Excel is a wonderful tool for this. You can easily color applications with approaching deadlines to ensure you work on them first and check off medical school secondaries as you complete them. Once your applications are in you cans it back and wait for those interview invites to roll in!

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