Changing the World, One MD/MPH Student at a Time

If you had to power to revamp the design of the “Obamacare” , what would you do?   Do healthcare and profits mix? What do you think about Hospital pay-per-performance or Sweden’s single-payer system?

When applying to top MD/MPH programs, you want to show your ability to think like a global leader, and to provide ideas, solutions and frameworks that can tackle some of the largest challenges in healthcare.

Who Should Apply to an MD/MPH?

If you are fascinated by health policy or global health, pursuing a joint degree such in Public Policy or Public Health might be the best time to start your journey towards a career in these fields.  After Medical School, you are likely to be focused on your residency, fellowship, and more without time or energy for pursuit of an MPH. An MD/ MPH program will allow you to build a strong foundation in Public Policy, start exploring career paths, and develop your network in this field.

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Personal Statement for MD/MPH Programs

MPH programs are looking for candidates that are not just smart, intelligent and hard working – they want agents of change that will impact communities and countries, change the way medical services are provided and more.  Your personal statement is the place to prove to the MD/MPH admissions team that you are such an individual. We will review your academic and volunteer experience, your goals and dreams, and help you develop a vision that will tie everything together in a crisp and powerful statement.

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How Many MD/MPH Programs Should I Apply For?

If you are already enrolled in medical school, should you apply to the MD/MPA program at your current medical school? If you are still in your undergraduate years, how many programs should you apply to, and what are the benefits of each intuition? Is your profile strong enough to get into the MPH program at Harvard, Stanford or Columbia? We will brainstorm together, discuss your strengths and come up with a list that will give you options.

 Timing Your MD/MPH Application

It’s never too early to start thinking about your MD/MPH application.  Should you apply directly out of undergrad on wait to until you are enrolled in medical school? There are many things you can do in your first and second year in medical school to improve your admissions chances, including relevant research, shadowing and volunteer activities. We can create a game plan for undergraduate juniors and seniors as well as first and second year medical students that will strengthen your application.

If you are applying for both Medical School and the joint degree, you want to understand the schedule of both application cycles.

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 Recommendation Letters

If you are already in medical school, you know how much effort goes into securing top recommendation letters. The recommendation letter process for MD/MPH programs is more complex, since each school has its own questions and required format.  We will help you select the best recommenders, and guide you (and them) in writing a strong letter, that would address your unique background, as well as the specific profile and structure of each specific MD/MPH program.

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I’ve worked with Yael on numerous occasions, and she never ceases to amaze me. From editing my resume to working on graduate school applications, Yael’s guidance is invaluable. She has it down to a science.

She quickly familiarized herself with the MPH admissions process, helping me frame the various components of the application into more realistic terms. Her advice and insight made the essays far less daunting than they had originally seemed; our brainstorming sessions helped me recognize and clearly express my goals and interests. With Yael’s support, I prepared and submitted a competitive and unique application.

Yael’s personal approach is exactly what I needed.

~LH, , New York, Columbia’s Mailmam School of Public Health, Class of 2012
(Also admitted to the following programs:  NYU Wagner, Emory Rollins School of Public Health, GWU School of Public Health, Boston University School of Public Health, Georgetown)


Not sure what MD/MPH and MD/MPA programs are available? Check this link from the Association of American Medical College to see the list of MD/MPA  programs by state.