You’re almost done with medical school, and you’re ready to move on to the next phase in your training: your residency. Matching into your desired residency in an optimal location will have a tremendous impact on your career and life.

Personal Statement

It’s been a while since you wrote your medical school application and talked about why you want to become a doctor. Yes, you need to do this again – come up with a polished personal statement that will convince a residency program that you are the best candidate for their pediatrics, oncology or dermatology program. We will review your personal statement, help you with the writing style, provide helpful pointers on what to add (or remove), and do a line-by-line editing of your grammar and flow.

Strategy session: $290

Unlimited editing for the personal statement: $980

 Medical Residency Interview Preparations

You want to be concise and fluent about the reason you have applied to and are looking to be a part of a specific training program; to get into a competitive residency program, you will have to sell yourself. When we interview faculty who rank applicants for the residency program, they say that they are not just looking at your academic performance, rotation and research – they are trying to understand what you’re looking to get from a specific program and how it will fit with your career and personality. If you’re interviewing with multiple programs, you need to be specific and have a strong understanding of the various factors and characteristics of each one; we can help you do that.

Mock Interview prep session: $270

Mock Interview Premium Package (3 Interview prep sessions):$750

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