A medical school mock interview is the only way to ensure you know what you are doing when you attend your first medical school interview. Think about it: each interview is an important chance for admission. You don’t want to waste the interview day at the first medical school to interview you as “practice” for your remaining interviews. You want to build your confidence and experience beforehand so that you can nail that interview!

Ensure a Quality Mock Interview Experience

A proper medical school mock interview should:

  • Be tailored to your application
  • Follow the format of the school you are about to visit (be it MMI, closed file or panel)
  • Allow you to practice in both low stress and high stress situations
  • Go over proper etiquette and dress for the day
  • Be conducted by someone familiar with the medical school interview process
  • Provide immediate feedback on your medical school mock interview performance

If your medical school mock interview experience meets the above criteria then you will feel confident and comfortable on interview and your responses will be polished but not overly rehearsed.

MMI Interview

It is absolutely possible to have a Multiple MIni Interview mock interview. In fact it is almost more important to do so since this is a new format that often flusters applicants. At Admit2Med we formulated our very own set of MMI questions to use for mock interviews so that applicants are not left struggling when they get to interview day and know how to deal with most commonly used medical school MMI interview scenarios.

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