Students juggling multiple medical school acceptances and students scrambling to get off waitlists should be familiar with the medical school waitlist timeline as determined by the AAMC traffic laws. Medical schools must give out their acceptances by a certain date, including non-rolling schools. This means many students will give up spots at other schools as they get accepted at their top choice schools. As students are forced to drop multiple acceptances, waitlist spots open up and the most waitlist movement is seen.

Acceptance Dates

By March 30th of the year of matriculation each medical school must extend offers of admission to at least as many students as the expected number of their first year entering class. This means that this is typically the date when non-rolling schools will extend their offers of admission. Many students will commit to these schools and drop their offers at other schools leading to waitlist movement in April.

Multiple Acceptances

When a student holds multiple acceptances they are holding up other students from being offered those spots. Schools acknowledge this fact by setting a date by which students cannot hold multiple acceptances. On May 15th (or April 15 for schools whose first day of class is on or before July 30) students holding multiple acceptances must chose a school and drop their other acceptances.

What This Means for Waitlisted Students

April and May are busy times for waitlist movement. Students on a waitlist should be sure to have their letters of intent into their top choice medical schools by March 15th and April 1st. This will optimize your timing.

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Re-Applying to Medical School while on the Waitlist

Also, if you are determined to get into medical school you should consider re-applying to med school while on the waitlist.  There is always room for improvement, and by identifying what went wrong during this application season, you can enhance various aspects of your profile – from your interview skills to the selection of recommendation letters.