The Multiple Mini Interview for medical school has created a lot of confusion, especially when it comes to e-mailing MMI interview thank you letters to med school interviewers after having an MMI interview. As the new player in the medical school admissions field, the MMI interview is still new to many advisers and schools, and students are wondering how to handle post MMI interview communications when they haven’t actually had a single interviewer.

If you would like to send a thank you note after your medical school interview, and we recommend that you do, the MMI is a particularly sticky situation. You have had multiple mini interviewers. You probably have not gotten the name of all the interviewers and some fo them may actually be actors and not faculty at the medical school. We suggest sending your letter to the admissions office, particularly to the individual who scheduled your day and interacted with you. Thank them for your experience during your medical school interview and state highlights of the day and things that made you really want to be a medical student at their institution.

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