With changes in the MCAT approaching in 2015 many schools are adding new requirements for medical school admissions. Recently schools such as New York Medical College and the Miller School of Medicine at the University of Miami are requiring a semester of biochemistry. There is some speculation that psychology and sociology will being to appear as required courses in several medical schools as well.

Why is this happening?

Since the 2015 MCAT will be testing topics such as biochemistry, psychology and sociology some medical schools are simply updating their required medical school prerequisites to match this fact. Another possibility is that medical schools are looking to condense their basic science curriculum down from 2 years to 1.5 years. This is easier to do if incoming students have a broader background in the sciences.

How do I meet these requirements?

You do not have to have completed all these courses before you fill out your application. You have to complete them before you matriculate. Therefore if you are having a tough time fitting all your courses in by junior year you can take biochemistry and other requirements in senior year. Some applicants that have graduated years ago fill these requirements by taking a night course at a local community college the summer before medical school matriculation.

Can I use some of my other coursework to fulfill these requirements even if they are not specifically labelled as biochemistry?

Nobody other than the admissions office at your desired school can answer this question for you. In fact policy will almost certainly vary from school to school. In this situation it is best to pick up the phone and call before assuming you can swap other courses for required ones.

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