April is almost here, and so is the AMCAS application. Even if you’re not sure where you will apply, who will write your recommendation letters, and what score you’ll get on the MCAT, you should start writing your personal statement. Why? Because it’s the single most important piece of your medical school application, and you want it to be a thoughtful, strong and original essay.
We would like to offer a simple method for getting started on your personal statement. Read the questions below and write one or two paragraphs in answer to each.

1. When was the first time you thought about becoming a doctor?
2. What is your experience in the medical field, and what impact has it had on your decision to become a doctor?
3. Who are your role models, and what impact have their actions had on your decision to become a doctor?
4. Did you have any personal medical experience that prompted you to consider a career in healthcare?
5. How do you envision your life and career as a physician?

Once you start answering these questions, you will have a rough draft of your personal essay. You can now expand the ideas, connect the sections and make sure that your personality and passions come to life in this essay.

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