If you are on a medical school waitlist you may be debating whether to reapply to medical school while still on a waitlist. Admit2Med received the following question from a student currently facing that dilemma:

Should I reapply while to medical school while I am on 3 waitlists? Will I have to give up my waitlist spots? Am I even allowed to do this? Should I wait until next year to reapply?

The answer is that you can absolutely retain waitlist spots while filling out an application for next year in case you do not get off the waitlist. We advise students to work on their application and have it ready for a June 1st submission while hoping that they come of a waitlist and never have to use the application  It is easy to withdraw your application or simply not submit secondaries if you get off a waitlist. You cannot gain back time lost delaying your application while waiting on the outcomes of waitlists. Reapplying will simply make you look devoted to medical school. No school is going to hold it against you or use it as a reason to not grant you a spot off the waitlist.

Remember though, the key to reapplication is analyzing what went wrong last season, strengthening your application and correcting those mistakes. Take the time and do it right, don’t end up rushed because you pinned all your hopes on a waitlist that never moved.


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