Applying to Dental School

Applying to dental school is a daunting task. You must make sure you’ve taken prerequisite courses, scored well on the DAT and formed relationships with professionals and professors who will be writing your recommendation letters. Then you need to fill out a lengthy primary application, including an essay that can make or break your application only to be followed by additional essays on secondary applications, interviews and decisions. During all this you must be sure to have extracurricular activities that show off your leadership skills, your commitment to dentistry and your ability to persevere. It’s no wonder many applicants fail to make their application the best it could possibly be. Admit2Med is here to help you juggle those tasks successfully. Our Dental school admissions consulting services will prevent you from falling into the common traps that snare many dental school applicants. Below is a list of our most popular services, but have no fear. If what you need is not listed, just contact us to create a custom service or to ask questions about how we can help you achieve your dream of a dental school acceptance.

Strategy Session for Dental School Applicants

Many clients start working with Admit 2 Med by scheduling a 1-hour customized Strategy Session. You can use this hour to go over your background, answer any questions you have about the process and create a game plan. Whether you have years to go before medical school or you are about to write your personal statement, this is the perfect starting point. After the call, you can decide if our comprehensive services (editing by the hour, essays and/or premium packages) would work for you. Student utilize this hour during their early undergraduate years to map out a course for success or during their later years to ask questions about the application process or the waitlist process. Non traditional students use this hour to gain access to pre-medical advising that is just not available to them. This allows them to learn about the application process and if it is the right move for them.

Price: $290

Dental School Personal Statement Editing- Unlimited Package

A great personal statement is your best chance at convincing the admissions committee at your dream dental school to support your journey and goals, and to admit you into their program. We will help you craft a personal, interesting, and authentic story, which will present you in the optimal light. The premium package is a perfect fit for candidates who do not have a draft of their statement written yet. The package includes brainstorming, structuring, editing and fine-tuning.

Price: $980

Complete Application Services for Dental Programs – Ultimate Package

This service is for those who would like us to help them through the entire TMDSAS or AADSAS. We take you through all the steps so that you know your application is going to be completed, polished and perfected in a timely fashion. We have helped many applicants obtain acceptances, we know what works when it comes to dental school applications. Included in this package: personal statement and everything else that you need to complete your primary application.

Price – $1500

Mock Interview Session for Dental School Applicants

The dental school interview is the last challenge on your way to gaining admission to your dream dental school. We will help you prepare for this step, build up your confidence, and identify the selling points that make you a strong candidate. As preparation for the session, we will review your entire application (essays, transcripts, and resume). During the session, we will conduct a customized interview, based on the typical interview at your target school. After the 30-40 minute interview, we will provide you with specific feedback on how to improve your answers, and discuss any difficult questions.
Price: $270     

Mock Interview Premium Package for Dental School Applicants

This premium package includes everything in our regular Interview service, plus 2 more customized mock interviews, each including 20-30 minutes of interview and detailed feedback. This gives you time to incorporate the feedback and find the best ways to deliver your answers, so when the real moment arrives, you are perfectly prepared (but not rehearsed!).

 Price :$750

Waitlist Consultation and letter

This service is for students trying to get accepted off a waitlist. We will discuss your situation in a 15 minute phone call and work with you to write either a letter of intent or interest to your desired school. This includes 2 edits of the letter and a review of your application to that school.

Price: $250

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