The Tulane University School of Medicine Secondary Application has been released for the 2013-2014 medical school application cycle. There are four brief questions to tackle. Don’t miss the early deadline!

Why Tulane?

Briefly describe the reasons for your interest in Tulane University School of Medicine. (150 Words Max.)

Resist the temptation to re-use an essay you wrote for another school. Sending something generic can hurt your chances of being invited to interview. Instead give specific reasons why you want to attend Tulane. This could include unique features of the school, your attraction to New Orleans and the hospital and affiliate hospitals.


What was the single most meaningful volunteer experience you have had? (150 Words Max.)

Pick an activity that features your compassion and ability to work under pressure. Great activities also include ones that taught you something about the practice of medicine however it is not necessary for this to be about medicine. If you spent a significant amount of time on a project outside of medicine it can still show your passion, determination and creativity. Make sure to not only describe the volunteer experience but to give details that show why it was meaningful to you.


List any leadership positions, in clubs or organizations, you may have held during college. (150 Words Max.)

This is a great place to talk about things you have not had the chance to elaborate on in your AMCAS essay. Medical schools value leadership so you don’t want to leave this space blank. Look over your activities and think about when you took the initiative, suggested a new direction or were responsible for a group of others.


Please list your hobbies and major non-academic interests (e.g. athletics, art, music, items you collect, genre or favorite author reading material). (150 Words Max.)

Another great place to talk about things that were only glossed over in your AMCAS. Tulane has a reputation for favoring applicants with interesting hobbies and non-trads so use this space to give the admissions committee a sense of your personality. Do not talk about activities from High School. This is also not the space to talk about scientific or academic research.

The Fee



September 1st

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