Being waitlisted at a medical school is often compared to being in limbo and most applicants would give anything to turn a medical school waitlist into an acceptance. The good news for those of you holding waitlist spots is that these lists do move and as applicants with multiple acceptances commit to one school their spots will open up for those on the waitlist. However, you should not just sit back and wait for those spots to come your way. Students who take this laid back approach will find that other students are securing those “up for grabs spots” and inactivity is costing them a place in their dream medical school.

What can you do to turn your waitlist into an acceptance? For starters you can reach out and let the medical school know you are still interested. Admissions offices often want to improve their “yield”, the percentage of accepted applicants that enroll. For this reason schools favor candidates that have expressed interest and seem likely to accept their offer. This can give you an edge over an applicant that might have better scores and references but has been lackluster in their enthusiasm about the school. There are several ways to go about this, and Admit2Med is here to help with all of them


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 Update Letter

These letters can be sent periodically to update admissions offices on what is going on in your life. Significant achievements that can be included are things like acceptance into Phi Beta Kapa and other honors or awards, publishing a research abstract or paper and additional community service and shadowing. These accomplishments are real and can have an impact on your application plus they bring your file back out onto the top of the pile. If you had a strong connection with your interviewer it would be appropriate to send them a note about your status and any updates you have.

Letters of Interest

The next step up, these letters state to a school that you are still very interested in attending their program. It is helpful to cite specific things you enjoyed about the interview day that let you know this school is right for you. You can include updates that enhance your application in this letter. It is acceptable to send letters of interest to multiple schools.

Letters of Intent

This is the strongest form of post-waitlist communication and can be very effective but must be used with caution. In this letter you state that if accepted you will attend the medical school. This commitment must be serious and therefore you should only send this letter to your top choice school.

Admit2Med has experience writing these letters in a way that works. Let us help you get off the waitlist today! Contact us.