The Weill Cornell Secondary application for the medical school application cycle of 2013-2014 is being sent out to applicants as contact information is received from AMCAS. Here is a breakdown of the prompt to help you prepare to get this application in on time!

Optional Essay:

If you are not attending college during the upcoming academic year, what are your plans Please limit your statement to less than 200 words.

Only fill this out if you are not attending college next year. This space is for you to detail your plans for the year. Don’t worry if everything is not completely ironed out yet. They realize that this is for future activities and things do not always work out as planned. For example if you state that you are planning on doing research on the effects of gamma radiation on colon cancer and end up studying the effects of gamma radiation on breast cancer nobody is going to care. On the other hand if you fail to perform any research that would be considered lying. It is very important to have concrete plans for a gap year and not having any substance in this section can significantly hurt your application. 

Why Weill Cornell?

Please write a brief statement giving your reasons for applying to Weill Cornell Medical College. Please limit your statement to less than 200 words.

In this essay you describe what exactly about Weill Cornell school appeals to you. Go to their website and learn about the academic program and opportunities for inspiration and try to make this unique to you. Don’t give generic answers like “I have always to attend an ivy league medical school” and don’t rehash why you want to be a physician/go to medical school. You need to explain why you want to attend this medical school specifically.

Ability to Meet Challenges:

Please describe a challenge you faced and how you addressed it. Please limit your statement to less than 200 words. 

They are trying to get a sense of how you deal with adversity. Any challenge is fine, from working in an overstaffed are to being a member of a team where somebody never showed up to living through Hurricane Katrina. The point is there was a challenge and you handled it. Try and select a challenge that you had an active role in solving and where you can show off your leadership and perseverance. Mention what this experience taught you.  Don’t be negative by putting blame on others and make sure it is a challenge that was actually solved – there’s nothing worse than writing about a challenge you failed to deal appropriately.

MD-PhD Weill Cornell Secondary Application:

For MD-PhD applicants only: Please list the names of any Tri-Institutional faculty members with whom you’d like to do research. You do not need to list reasons; names are sufficient.

Only MD-PhD applicants should fill this out. Head over to the websites of all three universities and browse the lists of PI’s. Select ones that seem interesting to you. Don’t stress about this too much. It’s mainly a list they use to set you up with informal meetings (that are not graded) on interview day and to give you options for your first rotation. You are in no way obligated to rotate or work with any of these people.




Nov 15 for MD applicants

Nov 1 for MD-PhD applicants

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