After the excitement over you first medical school interview invitation has passed you may start to wonder what to bring to your medical school interview. Having the right tools can help you stay calm and present yourself well at the interview.

In Your Travel Bag

If you are travelling away from home for your interview be sure to look up a means of transportation to and from the medical school in advance. Also bring with a print out of any instructions you have received regarding interview day. If you can, fit everything into a small carry on bag. You do not want to check your luggage as this creates delays when you get off the plane. It also opens up the possibility that your luggage will be lost and you will have to attend your interview in whatever you wore on the plane.

  • suit (and tie)
  • iron
  • shoes
  • toiletries (don’t forget your toothbrush)
  • comb and any hair supplies
  • directions to and from hotel and to the medical school
  • printout of any reservations
  • cell phone charger

On Interview Day

Some applicants like to have a small portfolio with them. If this zips, it can be a great place to stash your cell phone and other personal items – especially for men who will not be carrying a purse. While it is unlikely you will need to take notes, you may want to have a small pad to write the contact information of your interviewers, directions and a list of talking points you can review between interviews. Many schools will give out a folder or informational packet about their school. Some applicants have been known to bring their CV or copies of their AMCAS. This is not necessary as most schools give a copy to your interviewer, but it doesn’t hurt to have a spare.

  • notepad or portfolio and a pen
  • printout of instructions regarding interview day
  • cell phone set to vibrate
  • tissues (even if you do not have a cold. You do not suddenly want to be the guy sniffling in the corner)
  • water
  • dental floss

Don’t Forget

  • Get contact information for your interviewers, or ask the admissions office to whom you can address thank you notes
  • Be polite to everyone once you arrive. Especially the secretaries. Someone who behaves like a jerk to an interviewers secretary will not be reviewed favorably.
  • Staying with student hosts is a great way to save some money and learn more about the school, but save your probing questions for revisit day.
  • Wear comfortable shoes, there’s always a tour and it involves walking.

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