If you have gone through the hassle of getting your AMCAS verified and submitting your secondary applications you are probably wondering “When do medical schools start sending interview invitations”? It’s a great question as the earlier you interview the better. Plus if you know invitations are coming out you have an idea about when you can expect an interview decision on your application.

When Will Medical Schools Review My Application?

Medical schools will not look at your application until it is complete. This means your AMCAS has been verified, your secondary fee has been paid, your secondary has been sent in, your LORs have been received and you do not have an outstanding MCAT test date. They will not look at your application until all of this is finished (unless they screen prior to sending out secondary applications).

When your application is complete it will go into the stack of applications to review. It might take several weeks for your application to be reviewed as this is busy season and there are many applications being completed every day. Once your application is looked over schools can invite you to interview, reject you or place you on hold or on a waitlist.

What Medical Schools Have Invited People to Interview All Ready?

The following medical schools have all ready sent out interview invitations. However the interviews will not take place until the end of August/beginning of September and  there are still many more slots to be given out. Prioritize your secondary applications for these schools so you can be completed and looked over quickly before more spots are given away. Please note that this list was complied by anonymous online sources reporting their interview invites and therefore there may be some inaccuracy, however the general trend holds true.

1. UT Galveston- Late June

2. Texas Tech El Paso- Early July

3. UChicago-Early July

4. Texas A&M-Early July

5. Pittsburg-Early July

6. George Washington – Early July

7. University of Michigan -Early July

8. Jefferson-Early July

9. UT San Antonio-Mid July

10. SUNY Upstate -Mid July

11. Ohio State University- Mid July

12. Texas Tech Lubbock-Mid July

13. Oakland University – Mid July

14. Virginia Commonwealth University – Mid July

15. UC Irvine – Mid July

16. University of Illinois – Mid July

17. UC Davis – Late July

18. Case Western Reserve University – Late July

19. U. Virginia -Late July

20. USC-Keck – Late July

21. Mayo – Late July

22. Indiana – Late July

23. Einstein – Late July

24. Virginia Tech- Late July

25. UC San Diego – Late July

26. UConn – Late July

27. Rochester – Late July

28. Georgetown Late July

29. Hofstra – Early August

30. USUHS – Early August

31. Baylor – Early August

32. West Virginia -Early August

32. Wake Forest – Early August

34. Brown – Early August

35. Boston University – Early August

36. Creighton – Early August

37. CCLCM – Early August

38. UT Southwestern – Early August

39. Cornell- Early August

40. Johns Hopkins – Early August

41. UMiami – Mid August

42. University of North Carolina – Mid August

What Should I Do to Get My Application Looked Over Quickly?

The only thing you can do is submit your application quickly and follow up with status pages to make sure you become complete. DO NOT call or email admissions offices asking when they will look over your application or stating that your friend submitted after you and he was all ready invited to interview. This is the fastest way to get yourself rejected. They are busy, things take time. Your friends application may have been better than yours and it flew through initial screening while yours did not. Or your friend was assigned to a quicker reader. Either way, your calling and harassing everyone that you deserve to be looked at now is both rude and unhelpful. Learn to wait.

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