Preparing for your medical school interview is essential to guaranteeing your success as an applicant. Unlike other profession, such as law, almost all medical schools require an in person interview. They use this interview to ensure that you are a professional, put-together person that will have a good rapport with patients and will be a credit to their school.

The interview is also seen as a way to verify that you are the thoughtful articulate person that wrote your application materials. In other words, the interview let’s a school know that they are in fact getting the person that has been promised through your application.

This is why it is essential to prepare for your medical school interview. Going in cold turkey can lead to a serious case of nerves that can cost you that coveted admission. Plus if you have been on top of sending in your application early your interview may take place when your application essay writing is a mere hazy in the back of your mind. You might not even remember what secondary materials you sent in to a particular school. Mock-interviews are a great way to get over this hurdle.

When mock interviewing you really want to be in a professional environment, and have the interviewer be someone other than your cousin, best friend or lab partner. Why? Because someone that know you isn’t as likely to make you nervous. They will also be so familiar with you and your application that they may not realize when you don’t finish a sentence or fail to fully explain a concept.

A friend may also not be familiar with questions that are typically asked at medical school interviews. A cousin with almost definitely not know what answers will be appropriate. This is why a mock-interview with a professional will help you ensure your success. Medical school interviews are hard to come by and you don’t want to waste your first one as “practice”.

A recent trend that has added to the urgency of preparation is the Multiple Mini Interview (MMI). This is designed to test your ability to act on your feet and interact socially in difficult situations. If you have never practiced for this situation you will feel very awkward and rushed. Plus, the individual interviews are very short so you don’t have time to acclimate.

“Admit2med” offers mock-interviews both in person and on skype, to help you prepare for your medical school interview. We cover the gamut of common medical school questions and MMI scenarios, give instant feedback and help you get over your interview jitters. Email info@admit2med.comĀ  or contact us today to schedule your consultation.