Medical School Application – Should I Reveal A Previous Acceptance ?

Should I reveal a previous medical school acceptance on My Medical School Application?

Medical school applicants that have received an M.D. acceptance and rejected it in a previous cycle run the risk of schools viewing their commitment to medicine as weakthebigdecision. Therefore many wonder if they should or should not disclose this information on their Medical School Application. The answer is that it really depends on your personal story.

Special Circumstances

If a medical school’s secondary application asks if you have ever received a medical school acceptance you must answer truthfully. In addition if you plan on reapplying to the medical school that extended the offer, you can be sure they know you turned them down the last time. Be prepared to speak to these issues in your medical school secondary essays and on your medical school interviews.

Other Things to Remember

If others in your life are aware of this prior acceptance to medical school, they should be involved in your strategy. For instance, premed committees writing letters or letter writers, may include this information on the medical school recommendation letters, unless you ask them not too. It would be best to talk to them about how to address this together in a unified fashion.

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