MD-PhD programs offer students the chance to become physician scientists and gain the experience and training needed to perform both clinical duties and scientific research. These programs typically take 6-8 years to complete and therefore admissions committees are looking for serious, mature, committed applicants who can handle this long length of training. In addition thanks to the full tuition and stipend support offered by many MD/PhD programs and the perception that graduates of such programs are at an advantage when applying to prestigious residencies upon graduation, admissions to MD/PhD programs are highly competitive.

Preparing a Strong MD/PhD Application

Preparing your MD/PhD application begins with laying a foundation in your undergraduate years by exploring scientific research. This is the only way you can convince yourself, and admissions committees, that you truly are a good fit for scientific research. Your ability to communicate thoughtfully and clearly in both written and oral formats about your research and its implications is the single most important factor in your application and Admit2Med admissions can prepare you for this. Your AMCAS application will include three essays describing your desire to become a physician, a scientist, and your relevant experiences. Packaging these essays in a coherent and professional fashion can go a long way toward getting you an interview spot. Admit2Med helps MD/PhD applicants by having their statements reviewed and edited by a professional that has published scientific research in peer reviewed journals and/or has successfully gained admittance to some of the top U.S. MD-PhD programs.

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