Get Into Medical School – New Years Resolution

New Years Resolution – Get Into Medical School

Your quest to get into medical school should not be put on hold for the holiday season. Sure admissions offices, premed advisers and courses are on vacation, but that doesn’t mean you cant use this time! Recharge your batteries and freshen up your strategic plan to achieve your goal of getting into medical school. Use the spare time to focus on tasks that you had to rush through during busy season. Admit2med still offers all services over the holidays and the peace and quiet may be just what you need to get things done.

hit the med school application like a firework - bright and shiny

hit the med school application like a firework – bright and shiny

Freshman and Sophomores

Now is the time to think about your coursework, including changing premed requirements to get into medical school. Also focus on building a roster of interesting extracurricular activities. Have you explored difference aspects of medicine? Showed leadership? Tried research? What are you waiting for?! This year get involved and find something you are truly passionate about and can commit to.


AMCAS opens in May – so it’s never too early to start thinking about your personal statement. Plus you need to secure letters of recommendation that will be personal and glowing. Consider using this time to plan out those tasks. You also need to think about the timing of your MCAT exam and how it will affect your application. It’s about to be crunch time. Making a plan now will help you get into medical school without losing your cool.


For those applying this season, make sure you’ve sent the appropriate thank you letters. Waitlist waiters can plan update letters and select a school to commit to in a letter of intent. Those considering a post bac should be identifying a program and mentor. And those with an acceptance – bask in the glory, but remember there’s a lot of tough coursework and changes ahead. Mental preparation is important too!


Wherever you are in the application cycle, remember to celebrate what makes you unique – and feature it on your application. Being different is not a liability. It’s an asset. It helps you stand out – as long as you phrase it the right way. Interview prep and personal statement tips are particularly important for you as you must tell a unique story to ensure you get into med school.

Happy holidays to all. Here’s to a new year with lots of medical school acceptances!

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