How Many Medical Schools Should I Apply To?

I applied to 40 medical schools, was that a mistake?

Without knowing you, I cannot necessarily say it was a mistake. I can say it was very expensive and not all that likely to improve your chances of acceptance. MD admissions is not a lottery where more entries means more chances at winning. It is more like a game of poker. There is a small amount of chance and luck involved, but in general, the more skilled player will beat the novice.

If you want to maximize your chances, the best thing to do is pick the schools you apply to carefully. Certain schools routinely take certain “types” of applicants. That is not to say you can never get into a med school if you do not have the same GPA as most of their students or that academic minded schools do not take applicants with no research experience. These things do happen, but plunking down $200 or more per randomly selected school on this slim chance is not the best way to ensure acceptance. Far better of an investment would be to look at each medical school in depth and apply to MD and DO programs that really fit your personality, learning style and application. This has the added bonus of helping you go somewhere you will be happy and fit in. Admissions officers often say how important “fit” is when they make their decisions.

How do you know what schools are the right fit for you? Partially by looking at their website and speaking to their students. Ask around. See what people say. You can also consult with people who have been dealing with admissions for a long time and have watched the way different admissions offices are trending. Your pre-med advisor, and yes, Admit2Med consultants are good examples of that type of person.

We now offer a School Selection service, to help you identify the right schools for your profile and ambitions. Or, contact us to talk more about your profile and how we can help you get into your dream Medical programs

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