Medical School Application: When to Send a Letter of Intent

Medical School Admissions: Should I send a Letter of Intent Before Hearing From a School?

A letter of intent is the most powerful tool to get you off a medical school waitlist. Many medical and dental school hopefuls wonder if perhaps a letter of intent can also be used to get an acceptance after an interview before admissions decisions have been sent out by Medical Schools. However, sending letters of intent before you have received an admissions decision from a medical school is unwise for several reasons.

Medical School Admissions Committees Will Doubt Your Sincerity

Sending a letter prematurely will make a school wonder if you are really serious. They will wonder if you still have others schools to interview with. It also makes them feel you rush into things without thinking them through.

You Look Desperate To Get Into Medical School

Sending a letter of intent before a medical school has even decided if they will put you on a waitlist makes you look desperate. They wonder why you think you are not worthy of an acceptance without this letter? It looks as if you assumed you were going to be put on a waitlist at that medical school– in which case, why shouldn’t they put you on the waitlist?

It Won’t Work

If a medical school was going to reject you, a letter of intent won’t turn that into an acceptance. It likely won’t even turn that decision into a waitlist. If the admissions committee at that Medical School felt strongly enough that they needed to reject you then, that is what they will do. If they were going to waitlist you – they thought other candidates were stronger. They won’t change that decision. However after you are waitlisted by that medical school the letter can help you get one of the first spots that opens up. That is why timing the letter of intent to go in after you receive a waitlist decision makes the most sense.

Be patient! It’s tough, but it is the best strategy.

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