Medical School Personal Statement Tips

Medical School Personal Statement Tips

Application committees read hundreds of medical school personal statement a year, here are some medical school personal statement tips to make your application stand out. Engaging your reader and standing out from the pack can get you an interview while other, ho-hum, essays will get moved into the maybe or reject piles.

Don’t Use Trite Phrases

Everyone wants to be a doctor “to help people”. But stating that, and other trite phrases, do not make a good essay. Instead show your reader why you want to help people. What experiences brought you to this conclusion? How will medicine help you do this? Why aren’t you simply volunteering in an undeserved area? Why is medicine the best way for you to achieve your goal?

Focus on What Makes You Unique

What makes you different from all the other applicants? This essay is not the place to rehash your premed coursework. It’s the place to highlight what makes you special. Differentiating yourself by speaking about things that make you different (activities, travel, leadership) makes it harder to reject you. Make that reader want to meet you!

Get a Proofreader

Have someone read this essay other than yourself. You know what you intended to write and therefore you will read that on the paper. Having someone else read your essay will allow those typos and misunderstandings to be caught and corrected

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