Osteopathic Medical School Interview Questions: The Most Common Ones

The Most Common Osteopathic Medical School Interview Question

There is one question that is guaranteed to be asked at every osteopathic medical school interview.  This common question is also crucial to ensuring you gain admission to an osteopathic medical school. Yet surprisingly many applicants flounder when asked “Why osteopathic and not allopathic?”.

Question Variants

Sometimes you won’t get asked the exact question. Instead you will be asked if you know what an osteopathic physician does, what appeals to you about osteopathic medicine or if you have explored other options to a medical degree. You need to be able to coherently and passionately explain your desire to pursue osteopathic medicine.

The Best Answer

Use your experiences to explain how you have explored osteopathic medicine. Give examples of how you have seen patients benefit specifically from the holistic approach of an osteopath. State how this will help you achieve your future goals. Do not bash allopathic physicians or say that osteopathy is your only option as you are not competitive for allopathic programs. Nobody wants to be second fiddle.

Are you Applying to MD as Well?

You would be surprised how many osteopathic medical school interviews involve this question. They are not afraid to ask you about other options. Do not lie. Simply state that you are applying to a broad range of schools and looking to find a program that meets your desires and will help you achieve your future career goals. Then explain how this school fits that description.

Have You Applied Before?

If you have previously applied to M.D. programs and did not consider osteopathy until your re-application year you should be truthful about this. However it should be clear that you thoroughly investigated osteopathy before deciding to pursue this pathway. Make it clear that you simply had not hear of what osteopathic medical schools are all about since most people are really unaware of the true nature of osteopathic medical school programs.

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