There’s nothing we love more than hearing from our students about their success and how we were able to support them in their journey. Here are what some pre-med and now medical schools students and dental school students have to say about working with us on their Medical School Application and their Dental School application.


“Extremely helpful and professional! All of my questions were answered so clearly and promptly. Miriam was very knowledgeable and very patient. I would highly recommend Admit 2 Med- their support throughout this process was absolutely amazing! Can’t thank Miriam and Yael enough!”

~ M.D. student class of 2018

“I just wanted to thank you for the amazing service you provided me with. I was able to get 7 interviews and an acceptance to my top school choice by October! Your service truly helped improve my application and I cannot thank you enough.”

~D.O. Student Class of 2019

“With Miriam’s excellent service I was able to get into Boston Dental school. I am eternally greatful as my personal statement was top notch for selection in this competitive atmosphere. Additionally, her interview preparation really separated me from other candidates. I felt really prepared and able to tackle any question.”

~Boston Dental Student class of 2018

“I wanted to let you know that our daughter received an acceptance yesterday!  Both of us believe that your assistance in advising her on the submitted Letter of Interest was critical in her moving off of the wait list!  This is of course very exciting news for our family”

~Parents of a student in the MD class of 2019

Thanks for following up! I thought my interview went rather well; I felt comfortable when presenting myself to the interviewers and I think I was able to bring up many of my strong points as an applicant. I actually thought the experience was rather fun. I cannot thank you and Yael enough for your coaching and advice!

~AY, California, College Senior

“I contacted Miriam about her experiences as a medical student and advice on the different schools, how to prepare properly for them, what to expect once there and how to excel and get the most out of it. She answered all my questions patiently and thoroughly. Her advice, experiences and vast knowledge were a tremendous help. Thank you so much Miriam!”

~FK, College Freshman

“If you are looking for help or advice with anything from personal statements and school interviews to what you should expect in medical school, these are the people to talk to! The personal advice that I sought while I was a premed made all the difference in my journey to medical school. Admit2Med responds promptly with highly experienced advice and thoughtful suggestions  Their experience in the admissions process is precise and current. They will help you with whatever it is you need – whether you know what you actually need or not – they will help! Their assistance and advice helped me achieve my goals with a peace of mind – I knew I was well informed and on top of the game. I am still extremely grateful to Miriam name for her tremendous help and support – I am beginning my second year of medical school and when I still need advice, she is the first, and last, person I turn to for help!”

~M.L., Medical student class of 2015

“Yael…. I would like to thank you for your help with my applications. I recently got an interview from my dream medical school. I couldn’t have done it without you.”
~ JU, Asia

“Miriam, mentored me since sophomore year of college. She is especially knowledgeable with regard to the many facets of medical school admission — guiding towards worthwhile time investments, and assisting with preparation and organization of the final application, in particular.

Miriam was available when I needed her. My questions were addressed rapidly and thoroughly. Our interactions assisted me in preparing a competitive application and gaining acceptance into an MSTP (MD-PhD program) in New York City.”

 ~Mark, MD-PhD Student

“My son is applying to medical schools. From my initial inquiry emails with her, she sounded like she was a no bull-shitter. In the end, I’m so happy Miriam gave my son’s Personal Statement an unbiased but excellent review from her MD/MPH’s perspective. Will definitely use her again!”

~Chris, parent of a medical school applicant

“Miriam offered me well-informed advice throughout the medical school application process. Miriam answered the many questions that arose during the application process and suggested ways in which my personal statement could be improved. Miriam responded shortly after I contacted her each time and was friendly and positive. Miriam has definitely been one of the people that has made my acceptance to medical school become a reality for me.”

~Chaya, medical student class of 2015

Her guidance, support and encouragements were essential for my applications journey – thank you Yael!

– Harvard Business School

There is no doubt that Yael is an experienced and knowledgeable admissions consultant, but it is her caring personality and dedication to your success that sets her apart from the rest.

-Wharton Business School

“Yael is the one. If you’re serious about an objective and professional opinion of your application strategy and essays, Yael is the perfect consultant for this. With Yael’s insight and experience I was able “dig deep”, think about my real motivations, think about where I add value, and then structure all this into a sincere but competitive application package. Long story short, without Yael’s help I wouldn’t be able to say “I’m starting at LBS in the fall.” I highly recommend her.”

– London Business School

The mock interviews I had were critical to my success at the actual interviews; they left me well prepared for each of my interviews with the schools. I will never forget my mock MIT-interview with her, where, after I spoke breathlessly for about 2 minutes at length, she asked me to slow down and not exhaust my interviewer! The level of knowledge and insight Yael has about school-specific admissions processes is truly remarkable – I am convinced my Wharton interview would have taken a different turn without that mock interview; and such is my gratitude for the work she did that once I got my admits, she was always one of the first people outside my family that I reached out to.

Her work is truly customized – she helps highlight aspects of your own story, and parts of your professional life which might not seem distinguished to you, but are the things admissions officers might be interested in. The result for me? Three great interviews, three admits!

– Admitted into Wharton, MIT and Yale