Dental school personal statements need to be succinct, grab the attention of the reader and set you apart form other applicants. Most importantly they must explain why you want to be a dentist. Crafting an essay that answers that question and is interesting to the reader is the first step to dental school admission.

When did you first consider Dental School?

Think about when you first thought about dental school as a career. What sparked your interest? Did you take any steps to explore this idea? Did you have a mentor or adviser that impacted you? Looking back at these questions will help you distill the most important events on your journey.

What is your theme?

Every essay that stands out has a theme. Simply recounting the events of your life in chronological order usually results in a boring essay that gets skimmed briefly and put in the reject pile. An essay with a theme that links your activities together leaves the reader with a feeling of satisfaction, they got to know you and what you are about. Themes can run the gamut from dancing to healthcare reform. The important thing is that it matters to you.

What makes you unique?

You need to stand out from the thousands of other applicants writing essays. Try and think about what in your application won’t be on everyone else’s application. You can feature an activity, part of your past or your hobbies. Whatever will hold the readers attention is what you want to feature. Then try and relate this back to your desire to pursue dentistry.

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Women being checked by a dentist
Women being checked by a dentist