US Medical Schools for Canadian Students

TIPS for Canadian Students Applying to US Medical Schools

Applying to medical schools in the US is a highly competitive process for domestic students, and even more so for international students. Many schools do not admit international students at all, and some offer them only a few spots. On average, international students that are admitted to US medical schools have above-average GPAs and MCAT scores, as well as some unique experience to share with the school and the community, such as an impressive research background (especially for MD/PhD programs) or a strong story about overcoming adversity.

Canadian Citizens Applying to Med Schools in the US

If you’re a Canadian citizen, the situation is slightly different; some schools will consider you an international and some will not. You want to take a look at the list of US Medical Schools that admit international students and create your target list. School selection services are very appropriate for international applicants.

Medical School Application Process is even more Competitive for Canadian

We’ve seen extremely strong applicants from Canada be rejected or wait-listed, so make sure to apply to some schools where your profile is above the average for admitted students. We highly recommend that our Canadian students apply as early as possible, to increase your chances.

Second, make sure that your personal statement, activities section, secondary essays and recommendation letters are as strong as possible. You want the admissions committee at your target medical school to be impressed by what they see, making the decision to admit an international easier.

Lastly, do not get discouraged by a waitlist. It is very common for international student to get waitlisted in the first round of admissions. As spots open up, you may be awarded one. Make sure to be proactive and let schools know you are interested in attending. Our waitlist services have benefitted many international students, especially those from Canada.

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